Maschmeyer compares “broken savings” with suicide

Maschmeyer compares

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The Covid 19 pandemic is putting the global economy to the test – and several companies are facing an existential crisis. This topic did not stop at “The Lion’s Den” on Vox. In a special edition, the entrepreneurs answered questions from viewers (mostly themselves entrepreneurs) who were connected via telephone. The investors included Judith Williams, Dagmar WOhrl, Frank Thelen, Ralf Dummel, Georg Kofler, Nils Glagau and Carsten Maschmeyer. (Also read: “The Lion’s Den”: What can the Commentaro football app do?)

Maschmeyer finds drastic words

One of the callers was young entrepreneur Tristan Brummer from Hamburg. Brummer, operator of the beer company “JoyBrau”, said that its operation was currently at a standstill. He asked if it was possible to use this time productively and also wanted to know if there was any perspective. Maschmeyer found clear words: “Saving yourself now is a bit like making suicide out of the fear of death.” A pretty hair-raising comparison.

Different mood among investors

Media entrepreneur Georg Kofler, on the other hand, was more optimistic – and gave a Berlin entrepreneur pragmatic advice: “I would take my heart in my hands and produce. I believe that in a few weeks, at the latest after the Easter holidays, business can be started up again, public life starts again, people will travel again. In three or four months people will have to travel again. If this does not happen, our entire economy would be down, all prosperity would be ruined and I cannot believe it. ” (Also interesting: Coronavirus – the end of the individual)

Dagmar WOhrl is pessimistic

Investor Dagmar WOhrl was hit hardest. It had to send 1,000 employees into short-time work. “Actually, sales dropped to zero from one day to the next,” she explained – and attested pessimistically: “The industry will not last long.”

Viewers criticize the broadcast

There was a lot of criticism for the special episode on Twitter. The audience was unsatisfied with the advice given by investors.

There was also ridicule for Carsten Maschmeyer’s internet connection, who – like all jurors – was connected via webcam.


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