“Maybe the calculator doesn’t work” – salespeople make a hopeless mistake when calculating the gold price


“Bares for Rares” expert Heide Rezepa-Zabel examines the jewelry by Joanna Baecker and Cedrik Scherdin. Moderator Horst Lichter chats with the two sellers.

At “Bares for Rares” there are two chains for sale. The sellers state the gold value at 850 euros – but they have hopelessly made a mistake. The expert has a big surprise.

At “Cash for Rares“The gold price is an important indicator of the value of many objects. Reason: Above all, old jewelry can often only be sold for the equivalent of gold. Joanna Baecker and Cedrik Scherdin also know that. They come with a chain and a bracelet from their grandma Show and weighed them up beforehand. “The gold price should be around € 850”, the sellers are sure, but they are extremely wrong.

“Bares for Rares” expert Heide Rezepa-Zabel takes a close look at the two objects. “It is a so-called charm bracelet from the 1960s,” she says of the first piece of jewelry. This is so called because more followers can be collected over the years that are attached to it. The second part is a necklace, also from the 60 years, which was made in Italy. “A really good job.”

“Bares for Rares” expert surprises with the actual gold price

“Now it depends on what the things weigh,” says Host Lichter. “Did you take a look?” He wants to know from the sellers. But with their 850 euros for the pure Gold price they seem to have made a hopeless mistake. “Then the calculator may not work,” says Rezepa-Zabel. She weighed the two pieces of jewelry herself and comes to a completely different result. “Both pieces together have a gold value of 1900 euros,” she says. Since the jewelry is attractive and easy to sell, its estimated price is between 2400 and 2800 euros – almost three times what Baecker and Scherdin had calculated.

The dealers also seem to have difficulties with arithmetic. “What was said about the gold value?”, Susanne Steiger wants to know and then starts her bid at 2200 euros. Ludwig “Lucki” Hofmaier also joins in and outbid Steiger by 50 euros. Fabian Kahl increases to 2300 euros, but “Lucki” doesn’t give up. He wins the bid for 2350 euros.

Baecker and Scherdin are happy. They want to make a family trip out of the money. “We are completely overwhelmed. We call Grandma in the car first.”

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