Mayenne, land of welcome for companies and employees

Mayenne, land of welcome for companies and employees

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The department of Mayenne has succeeded in federating and coordinating all of the local authorities, economic and associative actors around the promotion of the territory under the employer brand “La Mayenne”, one of whose main communication actions is to having opened an office space, meeting room of 500 m² in the premises of the Montparnasse tower to promote the department and promote business.

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“Here, it’s a little Mayenne. We are in a rural sector with a strong industrial fabric which knows recruitment problems similar to the department ”, admits Joel Balandraud, mayor of Evron and president of the community of communes of Coevrons. In the town of Evron alone (7,400 inhabitants), where the Bel cheese dairy, the Socopa slaughterhouse, the aluminum smelter for aeronautics Howmet Ciral … are located, the town’s main employers, the mayor has 4,500 jobs including 2,000 industrialists. ” It’s enormous. Here, in the community of communes, we have permanently 150 unfilled jobs, which represents about a tenth of the needs of the department. If we have a lot of temporary staff, our problem is above all to find and stabilize a qualified population of boilermakers, welders, operators … “, specifies Joel Balandraud who, since the “disengagement” from Pôle Emploi, has taken the bull by the horns to bring in workers and companies and to curb the phenomenon of desertification. “We created an economy house, went from 2 to 4 agents and a director to structure the economic service. Our great success is to have convinced the agro-food group LDC to set up here its subsidiary Poultry Feed Company on 18 hectares ”, recounts with a touch of pride in Joel Balandraud’s voice. An investment of 50 million euros which will create 35 jobs. Above all, this arrival made it possible to sell the remaining 40 hectares of the area to companies with peripheral activities. “We trained our agents so that they could talk about economics, finance or town planning … with leaders. Six years ago, we wouldn’t even have been watching ”, explains the president of the community of communes. While waiting for the construction of a medical house, which will see the light of day in one or two years, it remained to bring in workers … and their families.

123 new families

It is Laval Agglomeration which stuck to it with an operation for the least original, baptized “To work and live in Mayenne”. The community thus went to meet job seekers of Category A in the Hauts de France, the Grand Est, the Paris region to present them the riches of Mayenne. This approach has been widely appreciated and some local politicians have had the impression that their resource has been looted. In 2019, the approach attracted 123 families. Or 300 new residents who were offered 144 jobs as technicians or managers. These arrivals benefited from guided tours of the department, housing aid, mobility, financial incentives, job offers for the spouse. “We made it easier to enroll children in schools or obtain loans to avoid the phenomenon of double rent”, details Eric Hunault, president of Medef 53. “The challenge is mobility. Otherwise, we divide the family cells. People have integrated very well, he finds. It is a first that must be able to repeat itself. ”

Because here, as in the department as a whole, the unemployment rate reaches 5.5%, well below the regional (7.2%) and national (8.4%) averages. The department is in third position in the French ranking, behind Lozere and Cantal. Good news ? “Not necessarily, if we match the needs of businesses”, recognizes Eric Hunault. Growing by 0.1% per year, the population would have swelled by 600 inhabitants between 2011 and 2016, reaching 307,688 inhabitants, when, in Loire-Atlantique, the most populated department in the region, it increases by more than 16,000 inhabitants per year .

Advantages to shine

Ranked among the least populated departments in France, “The Mayenne, however, has real assets for the quality of life, the diversity of its businesses, an affordable real estate market, proximity to the capital and the best success rate in bac …”, echoes Eric Hunault, who wants to make known a territory where Lactalis, world n ° 1 in dairy products, Dirickx, n ° 1 national and international specialist in fencing, Maisons & Services, n ° 1 in France for the provision of service to individuals, Gruau, n ° 1 in Europe for the transformation of commercial vehicles, Rapido, n ° 1 in Europe for motorhomes and the Seche Environnement group, n ° 3 in France for the recovery and treatment of waste …

“We have to show college students and families that the industry has evolved enormously. We do not necessarily see all the integrated support functions such as HR, IT, quality, CSR which open up real outlets ”, underlines Eric Hunault, who multiplies with UIMM companies (Unions des Industries et Metiers de la Metallurgie) actions in colleges and in companies to demystify the industrial universe. To increase its ranks and conduct a real policy of attractiveness that some prefer to call “Radiation”, the department of Mayenne has succeeded in federating and coordinating all of the local authorities, economic and associative actors around the promotion of the territory under the employer brand “La Mayenne”, one of whose main communication actions is to ” have opened an office space, meeting room of 500 m² on the premises of the Montparnasse tower to promote the department and promote business. Its occupancy rate would reach 60%. Satisfaction is said to exceed 90%. Located 1 hour and 10 minutes from Paris by TGV, at the intersection of Rennes and Nantes, the Mayenne, whose development of the virtual reality pole “Laval Virtual” allows it to shine internationally, claims to become the first French department where all residents will have access to fiber ….

Gys lays the foundation for an employer brand

To convince candidates to come to Mayenne, Bruno Bouygues, CEO of the industrial group Gys, specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment for welding, maintenance of battery chargers and repair of automobile bodywork, did not hesitated to develop its recruitment methods. “Last year, we had to hire in all services to keep up with the growth of our business. It’s not necessarily easy to attract people to Mayenne “, he admits. “In fact I have to attract several categories of population. Engineers and production companions whom I will rather find locally. For the latter, I communicated in the written press and local TV and broadcast on social networks a video shot in the studios of Bpifrance Inno Generation. “

To attract engineers, three strategies have been developed: the first towards the grandes ecoles where the engineers of the design office were invited to present the know-how of the company, the second by technical publications in specialized journals, the third finally on social networks. The strategy does not prohibit opportunism, Gys, which welcomed the launch of the Frenchfab by BPIFrance with the arrival of the Secretary of State for Industry, Agnes Pannier-Runacher, and the national TV, did not private to relay the event on social networks. Smart. “It was a good time to show the impact of French Fab and French Tech on the industry”, recognizes Bruno Bouygues. Result: 250 candidates from the West of France for a need of 130 people hired over two years. “In five years, we have succeeded in doubling the size of our design office, which today consists of 80 people”, specifies the Mayenne leader who also takes care of his communication with quality videos, a picture book, paper and digital, where he highlights the group’s trades by showing the stages of the life of a product, from its conception to manufacturing.

An approach that lays the foundations for a future employer branding approach. “We have gone from 30 to 740 people in a few years, it’s starting to become a subject …”, sketches the CEO of the French group today established in Germany, Great Britain, China and Italy. “Our stock policy, which may have seemed surprising, will become an asset to end the second half with stock”, estimated Bruno Bouygues, a few days from the confinement imposed to fight against the Covid-19.

An imaginative Mayenne

“What is happening today demonstrates the merits of the French Fab born in Mayenne. And I can say it, I’m not from Mayenne! “ exclaims Erwan Coatanea, spearhead of the French fab and director of Sodistra, an SME of 47 people, specializing in the design and manufacture of air treatment solutions for the industry. “We cannot advocate the return of industry in France without having the jobs in front. However, today, we can no longer wedge -human- resources on the old models. Attractiveness is a trap. I prefer the radiation. For this, you have to give people the desire to join a project, enter into a logic of co-construction and be able to adapt constantly through alternation, learning … “, adds Erwan Coatanea. And Sodistra goes much further. By setting up projects according to the opportunity of the meetings. “Otherwise, you never find the ideal person able to adapt to your project. One day, I come across an Englishman without a job. We talk, I hire him. He knew neither the history of the box nor its constraints. The staff did not speak English. Well, he is the one who started the digital revolution of the company ”he said. Ditto for this VTE (Territorial Volunteer in business) crossed while he returned home and who, since October and for a year, will implement the digitalization of production monitoring. “You have to be agile and adapt. If I reduce the number of tools in my toolbox, I do with it. Since then, that I reason like this, I no longer have any recruitment problem ”, says Erwan Coatanea, who has just joined forces with employees to create a research company responsible for capturing new markets by developing engineering services in advance of the phase.


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