McDonald’s apologizes for banning a black restaurant

McDonald's apologizes for banning a black restaurant

McDonald’s had to apologize for barring black people from entering one of its restaurants in southern China. Africans regularly report discrimination in the region against the background of the fight against the coronavirus.

After several Covid-19 positive cases among the Nigerian community in the metropolitan area of ​​Canton, Africans said they were victims of evictions, prohibitions to enter shops, placement in quarantine and abusive screenings. The African Union expressed its “extreme concern” on Saturday.

In this context, a video circulating on social networks showed a notice explaining in English at the door of a restaurant that “blacks are not allowed to enter” in a McDonald’s in the city. The American fast food chain has apologized and one of its spokespersons said the establishment had been temporarily closed for staff training on Sunday.

Human rights violation

Meanwhile, some 20 African ambassadors were received in Beijing at the Foreign Ministry on Monday by a secretary of state, Chen Xiaodong. Chen promised on this occasion to “lift the sanitation measures for Africans, except for confirmed patients” of the Covid-19, according to an account of Chinese diplomacy.

According to diplomatic sources, some 20 African countries have prepared a letter to Beijing in which they believe that the screening tests and quarantine measures imposed specifically on their nationals amount to “racism”. The “note verbale” denounces “an obvious violation of human rights” on the part of China.


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