Meghan Markle in court: what she is asking for

Meghan Markle in court: what she is asking for

Meghan Markle goes into court battle. This April 24 opens the trial of the Duchess of Sussex against the press group Associated Newspapers. After the publication of a private letter sent to his father, Prince Harry’s wife is now claiming damages.

Confinement will not prevent the trial. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s legal action against Associated Newspapers, the publisher of Mail on Sunday. In February 2019, the tabloid published extracts from a private letter sent to his father a few months before his marriage. Believing that it had been used and diverted to paint a negative portrait of her person, the Duchess of Sussex decided to bring the case to justice. Today, she is suing the group for violation of privacy, violation of copyright and improper use of personal data. The Duchess claims damages.

As an article from the Grazia British, all the money earned which will not reimburse the legal costs, paid personally by the couple, will go to associations against harassment. A gesture that shows the highly symbolic nature of this trial for the couple in their war against the tabloids. If the Sussexes decided to leave the royal family, it was to make their privacy a priority. Today, the message sent to the scandalous press is clear: you are not welcome. On April 19, Meghan and Harry accused four media outlets of relaying false information. The tone is set.

Meghan Markle on trial: consequences for the whole royal family?

This first day of trial is likely to be very well attended. To support the complainants’ case, the defense chose to start by contesting the description made by the tabloid of “immense wealth and immense privileges “ of the duchess. A strategy that could shake the Crown : on this occasion, data hitherto kept secret on the public funds perceived by the couple could be revealed. What embarrassing Windsor? Meghan Markle seems in any case ready to do anything to succeed. She already decided to use text messages sent to his father to support his case. The hostilities promise to be muscular.