Mini Electric. Travel the Green Hell without stopping

Mini Electric. Travel the Green Hell without stopping

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Mini Electric. Travel the Green Hell without stopping

The “Green Hell” continues to be the regular venue for the stress tests, even though 43 years have passed since the last race of the automobile Grand Prix was held. There, Mini tests each new model, a terrain that perfectly matches the characteristics of the Mini Electric. This time it was not about breaking any speed record, but about driving the circuit in “Green” mode without pressing the brake pedal.

The new Mini Electric will go down in history as the first electric model from the BMW Group, a vehicle in which each driver can determine the level of recovery and the associated deceleration effect. Depending on the mode selected, the motor supplies more or less power to the high-voltage battery as soon as your foot is removed from the pedal. This technology makes this challenge even more interesting: at what speed can the new Mini Electric take curves such as the right-hand curve in Bergwerk, the Caracciola-Karussell curve or the winding stretch from the Stefan Bellof S curve and the Schwalbenschwanz without Does the pilot have to press the brake pedal even once?

The Mini Electric should complete the efficiency test in “Green” mode. The pilot has the option of activating the “Green +” mode, which enables the climate control and seat heating to be deactivated to save more energy. In addition, the “One-Pedal Feeling” simultaneously increases dynamism and efficiency in fully electric driving when cornering at high speed.The level of braking energy recovery and deceleration can be adjusted to the driving style and characteristics of the circuit. The cockpit displays also help you to select the most suitable recovery mode during the quick switch between sharp and sharp corners. A standard configuration is the particularly intense recovery of braking energy resulting in a negative deceleration of 0.19 g.

However, the change to soft recovery, with a value of 0.11 g, is confirmed in the information provided by the digital instrument cluster.


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