Monica Carrillo returns to the front of the news with Matias Prats and does it with a desire

Mónica Carrillo returns to the front of the news with Matías Prats and does it with a desire

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Matias Prats and Monica Carrillo

During the coronavirus crisis, television networks have launched contingency plans to avoid running out of strength at the same time in case of contagion. Thus, we have seen how they separated some of the most mythical couples from the programs, such as Matias Prats and Monica Carrillo, who have been offering Antena 3 Noticias information to the alimon every weekend for more than a decade. The journalist herself was forced to explain that this was a strategy by the network when viewers worriedly wondered why Angel Carreira took his place. Also now, it was she who He has communicated to his followers that the ‘couple’ has returned and he does it with one wish: to tell good news.

Who is Angel Carreira, the new partner of Matias Prats?

Mónica Carrillo and Matias Prats during an informative

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Monica Carrillo and Matias Prats during an informative

“Tomorrow we return to school. And together. Hopefully we can tell some good news”, Monica wrote with a nice video with Matias in which the veteran journalist makes a mistake when turning to his sports partner and it is she who corrects him with laughter. With this positive spirit, Alicante faces this change, which represents a small return to normality, despite the fact that restrictions continue to contain the spread of the coronavirus. His followers have also welcomed the news and celebrate in his comments the return of the dream team of the news.

Shrimp, your best quarantine partner

Monica she is passing the quarantine very well accompanied by her puppy Camaron, of which he has not stopped sharing nice videos, such as one in slow motion in which it seems that his pet is parading in a Good Friday procession down his hall. “He leaves me neither in the sun nor in the shade. Quarantine is being an unforgettable adventure with # Camaron. Every day he teaches me things. Today, for example, not to get up early,” he recently wrote with a photograph of his inseparable companion. It also keeps in touch with yours, even if it is virtual. Thus, he was able to celebrate the birthday of his nephew who blew ten candles. Of course, the journalist, who treasures four novels behind her, Takes refuge in reading and writing, sharing with his followers many of his micro stories.

The lesser-known facet of Monica Carrillo

Shrimp, Mónica Carrillo's puppy

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Shrimp, Monica Carrillos puppy

Monica, 43 years old, he has been at Matias Prats since September 15, 2008. At that time, it was the veteran journalist who presented and gave way to a presenter still little known to the public: “It is a special day for us because we have a new season and, in addition, we have a new partner in this newsletter. At that time they had to count the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Since then, they have not missed their date with their current date until the threat of the coronavirus temporarily separated them.

It was not the only television couple that has had to say goodbye for a while due to the plans launched by the networks. Isabel Jimenez and David Cantero, from Informativos Telecinco, they present one week each so as not to coincide on set and Patricia Pardo, the usual substitute for Ana Rosa Quintana, has been working from home to ensure her availability in case the presenter must be removed.


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