“My dream is to finish at Real Madrid; it is difficult, but you can”



Oscar Rodriguez live as you play. Resounding. His career progresses unhurriedly. “If you go too fast, you crash,” he whispers. The boy (21 years old) is shy with eyes, feline. Of neighborhood. He learned the trade of life in Los Navalmorales, his town (2,518 inhabitants) and anti-divism refuge. There is no idol. “I am one more. If the turkey goes up, they lower it quickly. ” Arguments has to claim glory.

Good season of yours with the dream (now postponed) of the Olympic Games

I just want to have a good season. Go to Tokyo? It would be a reward for good work.

I don’t think I haven’t thought about the Games …

Let’s see, it is clear that everyone wants to go, but it is difficult. Let’s all fight to be there.

Sergio Ramos wants to get into the fight.

If Sergio Ramos were to the Games it would be perfect, because he would contribute a lot to the team and help the team.

There has been a lot of debate on the subject.

Ramos, like anyone else, would like to go. It was a comment without further ado. It’s just that everyone would like to be at the Games.

You have a good feeling with Ramos.

He is the captain and gave an example to everyone. He let himself be loved. An example. He is a very close uncle. Always act as leader. He approaches you, asks how you are, tries to make conversation …

And the first time you, nervous.

No, no, what’s up. What you have is a crazy desire to start playing, to train with them. The closeness of the veterans helps you, because they give you advice that you apply and always come in handy. They told me that you had to give everything in training.

That will be said in all training sessions, right?

We were told that it was what they liked, that you had to give everything in every game. In every workout. And of course, we gave everything, more would be missing.

Ramos sets an example for everyone. He lets himself be loved. He approaches you, asks how you are, tries to make conversation …

undefinedRene Ramos, Sergios brother, is his agent. I don’t know if you see him as someone almost in the family.

Rene is my agent, but it is true that there is a very good relationship. But he has it with me and with all the players he has. Always try to have the best possible deal.

Did it take you a lot to convince him to come to Leganes?

No, that goes. What Rene did was present me with all the options and then we discussed it with the family and we saw that the Lega was the best option. It was an accumulation of decisions. We all influence.

Was it difficult to play in First Division?

Yeah right if. Is that the jump from Second B to First is very large. But I really wanted to. I am young and I looked forward to playing here.

The competition in the Lega squad was high … I had confidence.

If I’m honest, I didn’t see the squad that the Lega had, because I hardly see anything in soccer. I had no idea when the offer came. Let’s see, once they offered me this option, I did see a little more of their matches to find out who my colleagues would be. But if I’m honest, I knew some player, but not all.

Well look at you now. All a fixed …

Well, well … fixed, fixed there is none. I am grateful to everyone for the trust. But here, you either stay the same, or you end up on the bench. I consider myself a normal boy who likes to value things. What it has. This I value very much. So I like to give it my all.

Well, occasions to feel like a star have had since exploding in youth with Guti …

No way! I have never been bitten by that temptation. It’s just that I’ve always looked too young to be in First Class. Look, we have to go step by step. Getting to First is difficult. So I think I did it the way it should be done.

To be honest, I knew a Lega player when I signed, but not all of them.

undefinedDid Barcas goal last year change your life a lot?

It improved me a lot. It was an important and unforgettable goal. You know, football is taking advantage of moments. That was my first starting game. I played, scored and we beat Barca. From that moment I took advantage and was able to chain games in a row.

There it is, the idol Los Navalmorales

Take away, take away … if I’m one more there. There they know me from all my life. I’m just another kid. If the turkey goes to my head someday there they will lower it quickly.

In his networks it is seen that he likes to make a small homeland.

I have sometimes taken my colleagues there, especially those from Castilla. At home, like one more.


Well, look, I have taken Achraf Hakimi, who is now in Borussia Dortmund. Also Manu Hernando, that you remember …

And Reguilon? To you it is like a brother.

That’s. When we were together at Castilla we had a good time and went on vacation together. We keep in touch and I think they are very good people.

Come on, he deserves everything good that happens to him.

Clear. Reguilon deserves all the good that happens to him more than anyone because he is a boy who has always worked a lot since he was little. When he was younger he had no luck, but it has been coming to him with work. He is taking advantage of it.

In town they know me from all my life. There I have ever taken Achraf and Reguilon


You and he seem like the triumph of normality.

Let’s see, we are that. Normal boys. It does not have to change our lives no matter what we have. That is something that we both know and we are very clear about.

Reguilon will see him someday in Madrid back, right?

Reguilon is doing great in Sevilla and of course he can return. It could be that he is at Real Madrid because he is worth to be at Real Madrid.

Have you had any of those friends at the Lega?

Yes, with Arnaiz.

That is cheating, Jose is family … although I did not know him before coinciding in Butarque.

As it is. But I promise you it was like that, that in person we didn’t know each other and we are cousins. But hey, once I got here we got along perfectly.

Did they lean on each other a lot?

We try to talk about a lot of football. And we are always there to help us. Jose is in shape and if you don’t play… well, it’s difficult to be in dynamics.

And you play a lot. It is untouchable.

Untouchable there is no one. I assure you that if you do it wrong on the field, no coach can stand you. But if you do it right… why not continue?

Asked in another way: if one is given confidence, one grows by playing.

Trust is everything in football. Mauricio gave me from the beginning that I got here a lot of confidence. I can’t deny that I owe him a lot.

And Leganes to you …

I have learned a lot from that sacrifice here in Leganes. When I came I was clear about what was coming. He knew he would have to give a lot in attack and defense too.

Did Pellegrino change your life?

I don’t know … what I can tell you is that I owe a lot of my career to Mauricio. In a few years I will surely think of him as an important coach. It has been my first coach in Primera, the one that has given me the opportunity to debut and has helped me a lot.

The most important of your career?

Yes, it could say yes. In my football life, Mauricio has surely been the most important coach of my career.

The real Madrid? It also seemed difficult to be in First and here I am. Let’s go step by step.


Guti would also contribute a lot.

Of course, obviously. Guti had already experienced what we were experiencing at Real Madrid. He triumphed as a footballer and gave me great advice on and off the field.

Did your ear eat more because you were a playmaker?

No! Wow, I was helping everyone the same. Although of course … when playing in that position it was easier for him to give me advice that was from his own position.

He did not defend like you …

But it is that Guti had a special talent … (laughs)

And as a coach, do you press?

I tell you! He did like to squeeze, yes. In training, in games … It improved me because it also gave me confidence and helped me to be a more leading player, to believe more in myself.

His specialty is fouls. At Leganes it took him a season to score a foul.

I really wanted to score a foul! In First few mistakes are made and I had no option last year to score. So when I marked this year I was very happy.

Why is he so good at it?

I do not know, that’s the truth. One has a hit and little by little you improve it. Some quarry coach gave me advice on how to improve.


Ballina. He worked a lot with me and helped me a lot to improve.

© Enrique de la Fuente (GTRES)

In the Lega some others also throw them well.

Yes look. Gerard Gumbau, who is no longer here, threw them very well. He had a tremendous blow. And in Castilla I also liked Quezada.

Put to talk about fouls, Zidane was good …

But those are bigger words.

I imagine that his dream is to return to Real Madrid one day.

All my life I have been with Real Madrid. My dream is to finish at Real Madrid. I know it may seem difficult, but it is doable. It also seemed difficult to be in First and here I am. Let’s go step by step. But now I only think about Leganes.

What is clear is that you have to go calmly.

That’s. It is that the rush is not good at all. And if you go too fast, you crash.

If he does not return to Madrid, could Leganes be a good option?

A magnificent option, of course. I have always taken it into account. Look how this season I had it clear to repeat here. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but it sure will always be there.


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