New encouraging figures in Italy

New encouraging figures in Italy

Italy, the most bereaved country in the world by the Covid-19 epidemic, recorded new encouraging figures on Wednesday, including a 24-hour drop in the number of deaths and patients in intensive care.

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The 542 new deaths recorded on Wednesday, for a total of 17,669, represent a drop compared to Tuesday when 604 additional deaths had been recorded in 24 hours, and to Monday (636).

The number of patients in intensive care, 3,693, continues for the 5th consecutive day its decline and is now at the level of March 26, according to the report released by the civil protection.

Likewise, the number of people healed reached with 2,099 “a record” over 24 hours, welcomed the head of civil protection Angelo Borrelli.

The hardest hit region remains Lombardy with more than half of Italian deaths, 9,722, and more than 53,000 cases, while the entire peninsula recorded 139,422.

“We found ourselves in an atomic mushroom which overturned without distinction the most fragile people in the region, in hospitals or retirement homes,” said Giulio Gallera, head of health in Lombardy, on radio 24.

Despite these encouraging signs, officials call for caution and not to relax the effort immediately, respecting the rules of confinement and social distancing.

Despite “the reduction in emergency room and intensive care arrivals (…) we are in the midst of a battle,” Health Minister Robert Transperce warned on Tuesday.

“The only weapon we have is social distancing, respect for the rules. We must not think that we have won the battle. The situation is and remains serious, we cannot underestimate it”, concluded the minister.

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