New rates for hydroalcoholic gel, renewed interest from buyers in real estate … The eco flash of the day

New rates for hydroalcoholic gel, renewed interest from buyers in real estate ... The eco flash of the day

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New rates for hydroalcoholic gel, renewed interest from buyers in real estate … The eco flash of the day

Find most of the eco news of the day in the flash produced by Capital.

The figure of the day: 5.5%. This is the new VAT rate applied to hydroalcoholic gel formerly taxed at 20%. A decree framing the price of this product, now essential, was published in the Official Journal. It sets the new prices not to be exceeded for distributors. For example, the maximum unit price for a 50 ml bottle is now 1.76 euros. In the event of non-compliance with the price framework, Bercy has set up a digital platform, called Signal Conso. This allows consumers to report any breach on the part of a professional to the DGCCRF.

Practical information Capital. Did you decide to sell your accommodation just before confinement? Do not withdraw your property from sale. In a column published on, the general manager of the property advertising site, Bien’ici, notes that buyers’ contact requests have been going up for several weeks. The confinement did not stop the housing needs of the French. Some even aspire to buy bigger or even change their environment after the crisis. So many good reasons to keep your ad visible.

The rant of the day is pushed by the UFC-Que Choisir. The consumer association is asking automobile insurers to return the savings made during confinement to their policyholders. A total of two billion euros. According to the association, insurers have made these great savings, since vehicle movements have been very limited for six weeks. In a press release, the UFC claims that auto-motorcycle insurers give this money back to their policyholders, by means of a reduction in premiums on their insurance contracts. Especially since spending on car insurance represents a real cost for households, which are already suffering the full force, for many of them, the crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

We finish with Amazon. Monday evening, the American e-commerce giant has announced that it will extend the suspension of the activity of its distribution centers in France until May 5. “Amazon workers will be asked to stay home until May 5, inclusive – they will receive their full wages,” the group said in a statement. Amazon’s distribution centers have been closed since April 16. Customers can nevertheless “always order several million products from independent companies that sell on Amazon and through our global logistics network”.

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