Nissan committee continues strike after meeting with management

Nissan committee continues strike after meeting with management

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The Nissan works council at the plants in the Barcelona Free Zone and Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) has decided to keep the call for an indefinite strike, after meeting with management this Friday.

“From the works council we are very disappointed with the result of the meeting, because they have not cleared any of our doubts,” they defended in a statement.

The representatives of the committee have met electronically with the president of Nissan Europe, Gianluca De Ficchy, and the CEO of Nissan Motor Ibérica, Genís Alonso.

“In this meeting they have not clarified any of our concerns, they have limited themselves to explaining the start-up plan in the different plants in Europe and, regarding our future, they continue to maintain that before the summer holidays they clarified our situation,” explained the committee.

The committee called the indefinite strike on Wednesday from May 4 until the immediate future of its plants is clarified, with the aim of avoiding the manufacture of the last units of the Mercedes-Benz pick-up.

After the meeting on Friday, they have registered the call for an indefinite strike before the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat, sources from the department have confirmed to Europa Press.



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