“Nothing is going to be demanded that cannot be fulfilled”


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Supermarket face masks

The possibility that the Government will the use of face masksContrary to the recommendations it gave until a few weeks ago, it has sown many doubts among citizens. Especially after the Generalitat recommended last Friday that will be used to go to the supermarket. Officially there is still no decision taken, although the Minister of Health has remarked that “It will not be demanded nothing that cannot be accomplished. “


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And is that the big problem with a measurement of that size is that face masks are exhausted since it started the crisis, at least for the common citizen. There are no drugstores or other stores, and on the internet they reach exorbitant prices.



The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, assured this Monday that the Government “is not going to demand nothing that cannot be accomplished by citizens “, referring to whether the widespread use of face masks for going out into the street is to be recommended, a measure that is being considered but it is not decided.

Illa said it at a press conference in which she affirmed that different options are being considered in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), and, as soon as a decision is made, it will be made public.

Meanwhile, he has indicated, the Government is making every effort to provide personal protective equipment (EPI), through its acquisition and acting to increase national production.

On the other hand, Illa has explained that the Government has been working for several days in the de-escalation or transition phase, based on four criteria: prudence, following scientific evidence, respecting the rights and freedoms of citizens and working in advance and with foresight.