Now Netflix lets you watch their best free documentaries on YouTube

Now Netflix lets you watch their best free documentaries on YouTube

Some of the Netflix’s most famous documentaries They can now be seen totally free and without any subscription through YouTube, in an effort by the entertainment company to facilitate that teachers, students and anyone who requires it, can see some of the most important educational pieces that the streaming service for the past few years.

The offer is extremely interesting, because within it are the award-winning documentaries of Nuestro Planeta and also Babies, completing a list of 10 documentary series that you will be able to view through the Netflix YouTube channel in the United States.

Netflix usually allows teachers to freely access and stream their documentaries in classrooms for various teachings, but due to the current time when we are where schools are closed in much of the world, the company is offering these documentaries for free through your official YouTube channel in the United States.

Each title has educational resources available that can be used by both students and teachers and we will ask questions and answers with one of the creators of these projects so that students can learn about them first hand.”, Can be read in the press release.

In any case, the documentaries are accessible to everyone, although at the moment they are only in English, but the company has promised to subtitle them in other languages, such as Spanish, next week. At the moment the Netflix Spain YouTube account does not allow this free viewing of documentaries, so you must access the Netflix account of YouTube in the United States through this link.

The 10 documentaries that are available for free are Amendment XIII, Abstract, Babies, In Search of the Coral, In Few Words, Conquering Congress, Our Planet, A Revolution in Full Rule, White Helmets, and Zion.

Sign up to Disney + and enjoy a week for free with all its content, including classic series and movies, from Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

Some of them focus on nature, others on social issues such as poverty, racism and social injustices, and others allow us to understand the why of many things around us.

[Fuente: Netflix]


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