OH demands reimbursement of tuition fees

ÖH demands reimbursement of tuition fees

Numerous students face financial difficulties due to the corona virus. That is why the OH is now demanding the waiver or reimbursement of tuition fees.

This semester is a state of emergency at universities across Austria. Teachers were up weeks ago because of the corona virus eLearning changed – at least in theory. In practice, the situation is currently different. And in general, students are currently being planned with many open questions. There are also financial worries.

The Austrian Student Union (OH) now wants to remedy these problems. In a broadcast Representatives are now demanding the waiver and reimbursement of tuition fees – nationwide and uniformly.

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Tuition fees as a financial burden

People who study beyond the minimum period of study currently have to pay 363.36 euros per semester. For third-country nationals, a semester at an Austrian university costs 726.72 euros. For students who are currently struggling with financial difficulties, this is a great burden. Due to the corona virus, there were layoffs and other austerity measures.

“You mustn’t force students to choose between buying food or continuing their studies. We don’t accept that! ”, demands OH chair Adrijana Novakovic by Federal Minister Heinz Fassmann.

Desmond Grossmann from the OH chair team criticizes the proposed solution to leave the reimbursement to the universities: “This is not just a matter of delayed study progress – this is about existence.”

The waiver of tuition fees has been mentioned several times in the past few days – in connection with the neutral semester that is currently being discussed. How exactly this semester will be implemented is still unclear. You can read questions and answers about the neutral semester here.

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