On the German island, animals are infected with corona viruses

On the German island, animals are infected with corona viruses

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Is this the most dangerous island in Germany?

The Friedlich-Loeffler-Institut has been carrying out animal experiments with Covid-19 on the small island of Riems in the southwest of the Greifswald Bodden for several weeks. The corona virus also employs scientists at the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) on the island of Riems near Greifswald. The researchers have started animal experiments to study the novel virus. Pigs, chickens, ferrets and Nile fruit bats and a bat species were selected for this, as FLI President Thomas Mettenleiter told the dpa news agency. “It is important to know whether the virus could also cause difficulties in livestock farming,” said Mettenleiter.

Aim of the corona experiments

The central goal is to clarify whether farm animals can be infected with Sars-CoV-2 at all. The researchers also want to identify the distribution of the virus in the animal organism and possible transmission routes. So far, according to Mettenleiter, there is no evidence of this. The first results are expected in late April.

The island of Riems – a security castle

Anyone wishing to penetrate the interior of the island of Riems first needs a permit. Then he has to pass through several security gates, take off his clothes and disinfect and finally get into a special suit. And even if you want to get off the island again, it is not easy. He has to shower after a strictly timed process: one minute of water, one minute of soap, again two minutes of water. You have to wash your hair and rub your fingernails. The reason for this is clear: Dangerous pathogens, viruses and bacteria are grown here – in the world’s oldest virological research facility.

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