OnePlus is reorganizing and cutting jobs in Europe, especially in France

OnePlus is reorganizing and cutting jobs in Europe, especially in France

The Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, OnePlus, begins a strategic shift in Europe. Desiring to focus on a few specific markets, the company will proceed restructuring », Meaning of course that employees will lose their jobs. However, the number of employees concerned should be lower than that announced by certain rumors.

A few weeks ago, OnePlus launched its last two models: the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. However, the company faces great difficulties in certain markets, especially in Europe.

Priority given to the Nordic countries and the Benelux

So, first rumors, especially among our colleagues fromEngadget, reported a large plan of layoffs on the continent. It was then a question of dismissing nearly 80% of the European employees of the Chinese company! But OnePlus intervened to clarify the situation, via a press release published on his forum.

The company recognizes that it wants to ” changes in the current organization in Europe “, While claiming to continue to consider the Old Continent as” a key region ” His approach to the territory will however evolve. Indeed, OnePlus now intends to focus on ” strategic markets “That represent” the Nordic countries and the Benelux ” Conversely, the company will operate ” organizational changes in certain existing markets, in particular in Germany, France and the United Kingdom

The consequence of internal competition?

In other words, workers in these three countries may fear for their jobs. However, the workforce cuts would be less massive than initially announced. OnePlus indeed evokes ” a total of about 20 employees “, Which may be subject to an economic dismissal. It therefore seems far from 80%: it is difficult to know the number of employees of the company in Europe, but it has around 2,600 worldwide …

In any case, this restructuring is probably the result of the difficulties encountered by the brand to find a place in the markets in question. And theOnePlus 8 and 8 Pro price increases shouldn’t help. Its parent company, BBK Electronics, may therefore have chosen to favor other manufacturers in the same group, such as Oppo, Vivo or Realme.

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