Our best Tunisian recipes for Ramadan

Our best Tunisian recipes for Ramadan

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Our best Tunisian recipes for Ramadan

Direction Tunisia to discover authentic recipes, with subtlety and oriental flavors.

Whether you want to share the’Iftar (the breaking meal of the fast during the Ramadan), or just cook as in Tunisia, these recipes are for you. chorba, tajine, couscous and pastries, so many expertly spiced recipes to make you travel.

Discover our selection of Tunisian recipes

The basics of Tunisian cuisine

Tunisia has diverse influences, which are felt in the cuisine. With common bases in the Maghreb, there are many dishes such as couscous or tajine in particular. But Tunisian cuisine also draws its inspiration further, with flavors and recipes from Italy (like pasta), from Turkey, and all around Mediterranean, in general. It is a cuisine full of flavor and authentic. There is a lot of meat (lamb and beef in particular), but also legumes, such as Chickpeas and the beans, starchy foods like rice, potatoes, etc. In terms of fruits and vegetables, carrots, olives, tomatoes, eggplant, and especially citrus fruits are the stars of the cuisine. The lemon, in particular, is very appreciated, its zest enters into many sweet preparations, as for the candied lemon, it is eaten as well sweet as salty. Olives, especially Tunisian olive oil, are very popular.

Spices consumed in Tunisia

In Tunisia, dry spices such as cumin, caraway and coriander are widely used in preparations. They are found in soups, tajines and other meat dishes. There is also the use of garlic and onion, as in Morocco. Tunisia is the cradle harissa, a sauce made from red chili puree made from chili, oil and spices.

The harissa recipe, on cuisineactuelle.fr

Specificity: the Tunisian tagine

The Tunisian tagine is totally different from the Algerian or Moroccan tagines. Tajine indicates the earthen dish with its chimney in which the preparation is cooked. In the other recipes, the tagine is a simmered dish made from meat, vegetables and legumes. While in Tunisian cuisine, the tagine is a kind of quiche or from egg tortilla, potato and meat. We cook the potatoes in water, and we cook the meat too. You can also take the opportunity to cook leftover chicken meat, for example. Then beat the eggs in a bowl and distribute the meat and potato mixture in the tagine dish and cook. Most often, it is garnished with coriander, cumin, etc.

The recipe of the Tunisian tagine of Maïtena Biraben

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