Over 10,000 free audio books to devour with your ears

Over 10,000 free audio books to devour with your ears

The Web does not simply allow you to stock up in classics of French literature – Pearls to find in eBooks but also for free depending on online platforms and libraries. No, the web also offers us a nice alternative to written reading: audio literature.

Because discovering a book with ears offers a whole different perspective on it, yes. It is a whole vast cultural field which remains to be explored in the course of what are called “audio libraries”, these good mushroom spots for lovers of beautiful letters. But where do you go to draw? Small heterogeneous selection.

We find everything on the side of Literature audio.com. The purpose of this platform? “Make accessible to all the joys of literature”, and by putting the means to it: more than 8000 audio books are at your disposal. Free. And downloadable in mp3 format.

At the origin of this initiative, an association (Books to Read and Hear, which aims among other things to facilitate access to literature for the blind and visually impaired) and on the site, a varied offer ranging fromIn Search of Lost Time from Marcel Proust to Tales by Guy de Maupassant. And the narrated works even have their “written versions” made available.

Behind this name in the form of an onomatopoeia is a whole range of high-quality recordings. And in free access with that – public domain obliges. On BibliBoom, female and male voices (those of the duo Mà and Gilles) lay their net on classics that are just waiting to be (re) discovered: those of Jane Austen, by Zola and Dostoyevsky. In the end, we are offered a legal offer of more than 300 audio books. Not just novels for that matter, but also collections of poetry, fables … There is something for everyone.

Is it still useful to present Kobo? This Canadian company specializes in the thriving field of e-readers and digital books. Suffice to say that on the site, the readings abound. An anthology of audio books rich in novelties and best sellers, since it is all about Stephen King and J.K Rowling as de Leïla Slimani and Franck Thilliez. But there are also classics, like Elena Ferrante’s books.

To listen, just download the Kobo Books app on your smartphone. The classic subscription gives you access to a first free audio book. After this trial period, you can get one each month for € 9.99. And cancel your subscription at any time. You can obviously keep your audiobooks in the event of termination.

Sharing its news from Facebook to Twitter, this city of audio books deploys a whole bunch of zip files. (themselves containing mp3 files) corresponding to very heterogeneous readings, classified by themes and durations: novels of course but also short stories, works of philosophy, essays, theater and even … cookbooks! Including amazing “Medieval Recipes”. Something to diversify your audio library.

Balzac, Flaubert, Baudelaire, the catalog is most inspiring. Especially since there are also sound versions of the works of Charlotte Brontë, Madame de La Fayette and George Sand – to name a few. Chic.

Like many audio book libraries (or “audio libraries” therefore), LibriVox draws from the public domain. So we find Musset du Ronsard, Paul Verlaine and Alphonse Allais, La Fontaine and Jules Verne, in short, all the cornerstones of French literature. But the doors are also open to polyglots! The site actually offers sound catalogs in English, German, Spanish … Ideal for perfecting your English by listening to the words of Byron and D.H. Lawrence narrated in the language of Shakespeare.

If it offers you the free download of an audio book after subscribing to its newsletter, the Livreaud.io platform deploys mostly paid readings. But plural! Supporting various price ranges (from five to twenty-six euros on average), the site puts first and foremost emphasis on alternative fields to romantic literature: works by personal development and health, well-being and psychology, coaching and seduction …

What broaden your horizons. And varying the pleasures. Because as the site states, the audio literature indicates classic readings: “It’s another way of reading and giving yourself time, to have fun with stories, or to progress”. So what are you waiting for?


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