Over 250 reports of coronavirus abuse identified by Test Achats

Over 250 reports of coronavirus abuse identified by Test Achats

Launched on March 30, the Purchasing Test platform to report abuses and possible scams linked to the coronavirus (www.test-achats.be/coronaform/form) has received more than 250 reports, the consumer organization said on Friday. A good half of these relate to the general problem of price increases both for protective equipment (masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel) as well as for foodstuffs and basic necessities.

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Some firms and online stores have taken advantage of consumers’ anxiety to sell mouth masks or bottles of hand sanitizer gel at an excessive price, once again finds Test Achats.

Some sites are also just showcases to hide scams. The organization has received more than 20 reports of suspected “bogus websites”, each of which has been the subject of an in-depth investigation by its experts. She then transmitted to the FPS Economy the list of seven sites which very closely resemble real scams.

Test Achats urges consumers to be cautious. The latter is in particular invited to examine the creation date of the webshop he is visiting, with particular mistrust if it was in March or April of this year. But also to ask questions if this site offers masks when it has nothing to do with its usual business or if the prefix of the contact telephone number does not correspond to the place where it claims to be established .


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