“Papin wanted me for a long time,” says Di Meco


Team Duga redid the famous OM-AC Milan Champions League final in 1993 on Monday evening. The opportunity for Eric Di Meco to recount his rough duel against Jean-Pierre Papin, his former teammate who became an adversary.

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Jean-Pierre Papin, May 26, 1993

It was a little game in the big game. But not just any. On May 26, 1993, during the famous OM-AC Milan Champions League final (1-0) in Munich, Marseille defender Eric Di Meco had to face an old partner, passed in the opposite camp: Jean-Pierre Papin. In the summer of 1992, after six seasons in Provence, “JPP” took over the management of the Lombard club, considered to be the best in the world. And the reunion, less than a year later, had not necessarily been warm given the context and the issue.

“I have a special relationship with Jean-Pierre, because we have played together for a long time, Di Meco remembered Monday evening in Team Duga, on RMC. I also remember that the Saturday before, in L ‘ Magazine team, he turned me on a bit by saying ‘if I play, I know Eric well, I know how to make him go crazy’. “

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“I don’t remember exactly what I said to him, but it was certainly not nice”

Except that Papin had not been established in the final, and only entered the game in the 58th. “He was a player we feared, because we know the story of the player who will score against his old team, continues Di Meco. So seeing him on the bench, we were rather pleased, and When we saw him enter the field, we said to ourselves, “It must not be Jean-Pierre who takes this dream away from us.” I crossed the line during the match. a little more to the marking of Van Basten, and then after Jean-Pierre comes to my side, and it was a little hot … “

Not so much in gestures as in words. “Did I insult him? I don’t remember exactly what I said to him, assures the ex-defender. But it was certainly not nice. After that it was also to try to get him out Match.”

Nevertheless, Di Meco remembers that this duel of a few tens of minutes left traces. “I know that Jean-Pierre resented me for a long time, because we were good friends when we played together, he sighs. But hey it’s the game, there would have been my brother opposite, it was the same. He hated it, but it is understandable: you go to AC Milan to win the Champions League, and you lose it against your old club … ”


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