Pascal Obispo sharply puts Nessa in his place

Pascal Obispo sharply puts Nessa in his place

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The Voice 9: Pascal Obispo sharply puts Nessa in his place

Saturday April 26 on TF1, the last candidates vying in The Voice clashed in the knockout test Nessa, the most colorful candidate of this edition, was dryly replaced by Pascal Obispo.

The 2020 edition of The Voice comes to an end prematurely. Yesterday evening after the K.O., Nikos Aliagas posted a message on social networks to announce the logical epilogue of the show : due to the coronavirus epidemic and confinement, it is obviously impossible for TF1 and the production to turn the semi-finals live of the Palais des Sports. The end of the adventure is therefore postponed to a later date, and fans will have to be satisfied with this epilogue for the moment. As often this season, a colorful candidate stands out from the crowd: Nessa. The young woman from gypsy community ((who hasn’t been kind to her since the start of the adventure) has a strong personality that does not always pass in the eyes of his coach Pascal Obispo. A few weeks ago, the coach and his student hung on when the latter refused the song that the singer of Fan had chosen for her.

“Stop your stories of being beautiful”

Last night, it was again during rehearsals that Pascal Obispo was firm against Nessa. While she was rehearsing the song La Isla Bonita of Madonna, her coach reframes her on her attitude : “More direct in the notes, you tend to cut things because you make your little vibes, you listen to yourself sing a little“says the 55-year-old singer. Nessa explains that she must”look beautiful at the same time“, which the juror does not like at all:”Nan nan nan, there you have to sing, the beautiful you are naturally, you don’t need to look good, everything is fine“, he begins before adding:”Stop your stories of being beautiful, you don’t need you are beautiful.“A small crop which unfortunately will not have been enough, since Pascal Obispo ended up eliminating Nessa during its passage on the plateau. To the delight of his detractors from the early evenings?


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