Pasta instead of champagne after virtual GP victory

Pasta instead of champagne after virtual GP victory

Charles Leclerc reveals on Twitter how he “celebrated” his victory in the virtual Grand Prix – instead of champagne, he had plain pasta at home

© Charles Leclerc (Twitch)
Charles Leclerc could not celebrate his victory on Sunday

Not only in the real world, Charles Leclerc is now one of the absolute top drivers, the Monegasse also regularly clears the virtual Formula 1 events. He won the Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday, taking his second consecutive win in the virtual Grand Prix series of Formula 1. One thing, however, is missing for the Ferrari driver.

“I really enjoy playing and streaming,” says Leclerc after his win on Twitter and adds: “I enjoy it even more when I win. But celebrating after the race feels somehow different. Turning off the computer and pasta cooking is a little less glamorous than spraying champagne on the podium. ”

In fact, the virtual Formula 1 events end without much ado. After the end of the race on Sunday there was another short statement about the second-placed Alexander Albon and guest starter and soccer goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, after which the official stream was over. There was no award ceremony or anything comparable.


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