Pastore’s gesture of solidarity in Italy in the face of the crisis

Pastore's gesture of solidarity in Italy in the face of the crisis

Italy It is one of the countries that suffers the most coronavirus. Its advance in the European country is very fast, leaving a total of 110,574 infected and 13,155 dead as of Thursday morning.

Although the health crisis is the most worrisome, another drawback adds to the reality of the Italians, who have already been in total quarantine for 23 days: families with fewer resources, in the absence of income, are suffering from lack of food to survive.

That is why Javier Pastore, Argentine midfielder of the Rome, started a solidarity campaign to raise funds for the poor people of Palermo. In that city, the former Hurricane He started his career in European football, being the club of the same name to the place his first experience between 2009 and 2011.

The Cordovan, along with other former teammates such as the Chilean Mauricio Pinilla, they made their personal financial contribution and thus began with the collection to counteract the collateral effects of COVID-19. Through the “Gofundme” platform, in a few hours 13,000 euros were collected, to which another 50,000 donated by the Sicilia Foundation – an organization that is in charge of supporting the island’s medical structures – are added.

“In a few days the number of families that requested food aid from the Palermo City Council went from 600 to 11,000 and continues to increase. It is that COVID-19 is not only a health emergency, but also a social emergency. We cannot tolerate its refusal to families and children the right to life and to have food, “is the motto of the campaign.


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