Pierre Arditi fan of Edouard Philippe: “This guy has great courage!”

Pierre Arditi fan of Edouard Philippe:

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VIDEO – Pierre Arditi fan of Edouard Philippe: “This guy has great courage!”

Edouard Philippe gave the broad outlines of the deconfinement plan this Tuesday, April 28. The actor Pierre Arditi followed his speech carefully. Invited to react in “C to you”, he then had plenty of praise for the Prime Minister.

The opinions and feelings on Edouard Philippe’s speech, concerning deconfinement, this Tuesday April 28 are very different. Between distrust of government action and criticism of the speech itself, media and social media were buzzing in the middle of the afternoon. Unsurprisingly, the columnists of Cyril Hanouna did not like and even criticized the Prime Minister for relying on scientific recommendations when it suits him.

For its part, Roselyne Bachelot, who pointed out that “there were no ideal solutions”, felt thatEdouard Philippe had “find the right measure”. “It had to be deconfigured and the Prime Minister did it with caution from Sioux, advancing on the warpath”, she said in C to you. Pierre Arditi was also involved in the France 5 program. The 75-year-old French actor said he had “thought of good” of this speech and praised the “courage” by Edouard Philippe.

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Edouard Philippe at the National Assembly, for his speech on deconfinement, this Tuesday, April 28, 2020. David Niviere / Pool / BestimageThis guy, Édouard Philippe, has tremendous courage. First, he is extremely friendly. It is very clear. Extremely clear. Very brave. He went on a general speech, he did not go fully into detail. We will probably go into detail a little later “, he replied to Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. He was less gentle on the harsh criticism of the Prime Minister after his speech. “I obviously heard a little, not much, I got tired very quickly, the reactions of a certain number of deputies in the National Assembly. (…) We are taking out the darts, the knives, the stabs in the back … It’s very exasperating.