Powerless? These tips help against spring tiredness

Powerless? These tips help against spring tiredness

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Headache and fatigue are typical signs of spring fatigue.

A typical syndrome in April is spring fatigue. While nature is blooming, many feel sluggish and lacking in motivation – sometimes even depressed. You can counteract this with these three simple tips.

Sunshine, twittering birds and flowering trees. In spring, nature awakes from hibernation and creates a positive mood. One would think. However, the opposite is often the case. Many people tend to fall into so-called spring tiredness. As nature becomes more and more lively, you feel tired and lacking in motivation, sometimes even irritated. The reason for this is that the body needs around four weeks to adapt to the warm temperatures and longer days. The changeable weather in April adds to the cycle. Especially weather-sensitive people suffer from it. However, there are tricks to get rid of spring tiredness faster and to enjoy spring in a good mood.

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Boost hormone balance

After the cold and dark season, the body has to get used to sunshine and warmth bit by bit. The hormones melatonin and serotonin are produced by supplying light. Melatonin can initially cause dizziness and fatigue.

To get used to it, you should take regular walks in the sun. The hormonal balance can be brought into motion. You should be careful not to expose your skin to the sun for too long. Because she too has to get used to it step by step. After a walk, you will immediately notice that the fresh air and exercise are not only good for your body, but also for your brain.

strengthen your immune system

To prevent typical symptoms such as tiredness and listlessness, you should strengthen your immune system. This works, for example, with alternating showers, ideally right after getting up in the morning, because this stimulates the circulation. Even if it takes overcoming in the beginning: the alternating shower should end with cold and not with warm water. In addition, sports in the great outdoors, especially jogging, walking or cycling, give the body new impetus.

Balanced nutrition

Proper nutrition can also signal the body that it is time for a change. Supermarkets already have fresh fruits such as strawberries or raspberries in their range. After the body had to do without important vitamins in winter, they can now dominate the menu. Crunchy salads and vegetables also strengthen the body and thus prevent spring tiredness. The rule here is: enjoy in small quantities. Those who eat heavy food and a lot of it easily become sleepy.

If you still feel sluggish, you should avoid drinking too much coffee. Although you initially feel a power boost through the hot drink, the effect can be reversed if the amount is too large. Instead, you should drink plenty of water. Those who prefer something with taste can prepare fresh smoothies or juices.


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