Prince Harry pushing a full shopping cart in a supermarket: the photo that amazes

Prince Harry pushing a full shopping cart in a supermarket: the photo that amazes

Since March 31, Meghan Markle and Harry are no longer active members of the British crown. Installed with his wife in Los Angeles, Prince Harry has just been surprised at the exit of a supermarket, a shopping cart full of shopping … a little hoax of April 1 signed by DailyMail!

Meghan Markle and Harry are now ordinary … citizens. Delivered from the British royal family since March 31, the announcement of their new life should have made the front page of the English tabloids. Except that the health crisis has passed there, and the British seem much more concerned about the epidemic of coronavirus than the new occupations of the Sussexes, who fled Canada, just before the border closed, to give themselves a new life dreamed in Los Angeles. Dreamed? Maybe not that much …

Prince Harry, accustomed to the splendor of the royal family, palaces and honors, has now become a mere father, who will have to find work … and do his shopping himself. The Duke of Sussex was recently spotted pushing a packed trolley with toilet paper and other cleaning products, at the exit of a supermarket. Amazing image of a fallen prince, in jogging pants and red sneakers, a pale brown cap screwed on the head … Fortunately, the fans of the crown are reassured, it is not. This photo is a montage, made by our DailyMail colleagues for April 1st!

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What future for Prince Harry?

The fact remains that Prince Harry must rethink his future. Donald Trump recently said he would not pay for the couple’s safety. Meghan Markle and Harry then replied that they would do it via a private fund. And what about paying for their mansion in Malibu and for their vacation, usually on a private jet? Even if Prince Charles should not cut his son’s food anytime soon, Harry will soon have to find work to keep up their pace of life, and fill up, as Meghan Markle recently did through Disney, the joint account.

But in what area will he be able to invest and still must acquire the green card. The Duke of Sussex has never known anything outside the army and royal patronage. Thousands of miles from his family, Prince Harry will have to reinvent himself. His brother William plans to return to work as an air ambulance pilot to help in this unprecedented health crisis … And what will he decide to do to improve his image?