Prisa, Editorial Unit, Vocento, Godo and Moll groups plan workforce adjustments due to the virus

Prisa, Editorial Unit, Vocento, Godó and Moll groups plan workforce adjustments due to the virus


The economic problems that has generated the coronavirus health crisis have beaten also to mediadespite increase of the flow of the information and of the informative interest of the citizens. The four main Spanish journalistic groups, Hurry, Editorial Unit, Vocento, Godo and Moll have announced in recent days different settings, even considering Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) to be able to face the reduction in advertising income caused by the economic stoppage of confinement.

This Tuesday, the CEO of Prisa, Manuel Mirat, sent a letter to all the workers of the group that brings together media such as The country,Five days or the Cadena Ser, asking them for a “sacrifice” in the face of “the economic damage” that the company is suffering from the coronavirus, with the aim of “ensuring the viability and future of the company and, with it, that of all the Group’s employees”.

Mirat explains in the letter that the Prisa Board of Directors has approved “a reduction of 20% in the compensation of non-executive directors and a reduction of around 35% in the remuneration of the CEO and Senior Management” . The company has also taken steps “to cut all non-publishing costs” from its media.

Likewise, Prisa is “negotiating” with its collaborators, suppliers and suppliers “each and every one of the current contracts” and plans to establish “a minimum cost objective, with maximum austerity and without jeopardizing the quality” of its content. “The current circumstances have also forced us to consider a set of measurements labor “, adds Mirat in his letter.

Sources of the group have explained that what the management is considering are “two files of temporary regulation of employment for economic causes that will be common and transversal for all the companies that make up Prisa.” On the one hand, a three-month ERTE “for a percentage of the workforce that currently does not have exercise” and another “reduction of working hours until December 2020” which would imply a “reduction of between 10% and 15% of wages and working hours for the rest of the groups”.

An ERTE Editorial Unit is also proposed – which publishes the newspapers The World, Brand Y Expansion-. As explained Vozpopuli, the idea of ​​the group’s top managers in the coming days to summon the works councils of the different companies that make up the group to constitute different negotiating tables and try to reach an agreement on the ERTE.

Likewise, the management of the Vocento group, which publishes media such as ABC or The mail The implementation of an ERTE has been transferred to its union representation to its commercial management areas, according to the portal. Invest. The regulation would imply a reduction in working hours that would translate into a 40% cut in wages and working hours, which would not affect the editorial, rotating and systems areas.

Also Grupo Godo, publisher of media such as The vanguard, is studying an ERTE to reduce 25% of the working day and salary of all the group’s workers, as reported Vozpopuli.

The Moll group, owner of the Iberian Press group to which they belong The Newspaper of Catalonia Y Sport for a year, he plans to apply an ERTE to all staff for four months, which implies 50% less salary and days worked. The company wants to add it to the 13% that is already applied by the current ERTE, which, in total, would mean a decrease of 63% of the salary of its workers., For its part, it has launched an “emergency plan” to “guarantee the survival of the newspaper” that rules out an ERTE. “We want to distribute the efforts in the most equitable way possible and avoid dismissals while we have another option,” said the director of, Ignacio Escolar, in a letter to the partners on March 24.

In the case of this newspaper, the highest salaries of the newsroom will be cut between 10% and 30%, depending on each case. “This snip in the 2020 salary will only affect for now the heads of the newspaper, who are the ones who charge the most. I do not rule out that we have to take even bigger cuts, but our priority is to prevent people with the lowest salaries from the newsroom are affected by the situation, “Escolar said.


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