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ProtonMail: the Android application becomes open-source

ProtonMail: the Android application becomes open-source

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The open nature of a service is an essential prerequisite to guarantee the confidentiality of data. Too ProtonMail, which has been erected for years as a virtuous alternative to Gmail, could not take another path.

Like the Web App and the iOS app (and yes), the Android version of ProtonMail is now fully open-source.

ProtonMail becomes 100% open source

On its blog, ProtonMail is proud to announce that all of its products are now open-source. The code of its different programs is freely available and modifiable on GitHub, which the Android application has just joined.

Also the supplier does not fail to recall its attachment to the world of free software. ” Our web application has been open-source since 2015, our iOS application is open-source, our desktop Bridge application is open-source, and all ProtonVPN applications are open-source ”. A long-standing priority, which ProtonMail is therefore particularly pleased to fulfill today.

ProtonMail code audited by independent experts

To make things transparent, ProtonMail has mandated SEC Consult to audit the source code of its Android application and have it validated.

Their report finds that our application does not carry any worrying vulnerability ”, ProtonMail exposes on its blog, allowing anyone to consult the complete conclusions of the audit.

In the coming months, ProtonMail will continue its work to develop a real suite capable of bringing together Google users who want to regain control over their privacy.

In January, Proton launched as such ProtonCalendar : an online calendar synchronized and encrypted from start to finish.

Source: ProtonMail, Sec Consult

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