PSA Vigo agrees with the unions an ERTE that will only cover permanent staff

PSA Vigo agrees with the unions an ERTE that will only cover permanent staff

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The management of the PSA Group factory in Vigo has agreed this Saturday with the unions SIT and UGT a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) for organizational and production reasons to gradually resume productive activity and that will only affect permanent workforce .

Reason why the CCOO, CIG and CUT have not signed it, also with representation in the works committee of the Balaidos plant.

The new ERTE, as reported by PSA, will enter into force when the current one ends due to force majeure and will last until the end of the year.

The file, which also includes permanent staff with part-time contracts, covers a maximum of 90 working days as suspension days and will be carried out in two phases.

A first for the resumption of activity, with progressive integration of the teams and compatible with the application of the reinforced prevention measures Covid-19 and isolation of people; and a second to be used on non-working days due to the reduction in vehicle sales until the end of the year.

The level of coverage will be 80% of the salary of the days of suspension plus the proportional part of extra payments, and 100% of the salary in vacations.

The ERTE establishes for the temporary personnel a minimum remuneration of 80 hours per month and the commitment that they have priority to be re-hired when there is activity if the one they have in force before 12 months is extinguished.

CCOO and CUT have decided not to subscribe to the ERTE because they understand that it should have been processed in light of the Government’s criteria, which seek to protect all workers, also temporary workers and in more precarious conditions.

The one approved by PSA Vigo distinguishes between temporary and permanent personnel and has not been negotiated since the exceptional nature of a situation such as the Covid-19 pandemic, disagreeing unions argue.

“The weakest links in our staff, temporary and part-time, are again the most precarious in a situation as extraordinary as this,” says CCOO, who explains that he does not subscribe to the ERTE “for consistency and responsibility.”

Nor does the CIG subscribe, which has called the ERTE as “selective robbery”, and which criticizes a leadership “unable to put its staff before the challenges of fighting the Covid-19 threat” and that it is “greedy” “



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