Raphael interrupted by Melanie Thierry in full concert on Facebook live

Raphaël interrupted by Mélanie Thierry in full concert on Facebook live

© Twitter / Camille Crosnier
Raphael was interrupted in full concert on FB live for his fans.

The singers are also caught up in their family life during the confinement linked to the coronavirus epidemic. Raphael was performing on Facebook live, when he was interrupted, guitar in hand, by his partner Melanie Thierry. A scene abundantly relayed on social networks.

“Bah yeah, but it’s not an hour …”

Raphael is singing one of his songs, guitar in hand, in front of his webcam, when the voices of Melanie Thierry and a child are heard. “I’m live on a Facebook thing, stop interrupting me …” asked the singer.

– “Bah yeah, but it’s not an hour … You’re in the kitchen, I have to eat! “, Gets angry the actress.

– “It won’t be long,” replied Raphael, embarrassed.

In another sequence, relayed on Twitter, the singer is disturbed this time in full Facebook live by his son. While he is reading aloud the comments posted by his fans, his son scolds him: “But who are you talking to? “

– “I speak alone, that’s how it is. I’m losing my mind, ”quips Raphael.

– “Do you imagine there is someone?” Asks her son.

– “I imagine there is someone,” jokes the singer, looking a little embarrassed. “I already did a featuring with my son! ”

In a third extract, from another live Facebook, her child gives her a “hello! Thunderous, before kissing her in front of the camera.

Like Raphael, during the confinement, other artists performed live on social networks: Matthieu Chedid, Patrick Bruel and Jean-Louis Aubert all gave small live concerts for their fans.



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