Raul Jimenez felt heartfelt with Juan Carlos Osorio for preferring ‘Chicharito’ in Russia 2018

Raúl Jiménez felt heartfelt with Juan Carlos Osorio for preferring ‘Chicharito’ in Russia 2018

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Jimenez has had a good performance with Wolverhampton.

The front Raul Jimenez He has become the best Mexican today. His performances with the Wolverhampton of the Premier League They have placed him as the most expensive player in his country and as the holder of the Mexican team Soccer, however, the player has a pending account.

In the last World Cup in Russia 2018, he was one of the chosen by Juan Carlos Osorio in the call, but he did not have the minutes he expected, since the ownership was Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, situation that did not satisfy him.

“I am left with that little thorn, of how the teacher Osorio was handling himself, of making the rotations and all that. I would have thought ‘a game was going to play’, maybe that was the idea. I don’t think I ever thought: Ah Ah! I am going to start all the matches ’; But he did have the illusion of being a starter in a match, more because of how he had handled himself throughout the process. That thorn remains nailed of having wanted to have more opportunities, to be more a reference, but hey, that opportunity will come later ”, the attacker pointed out in an interview with Marca Claro.

On the other hand, Jimenez spoke about the figure at which it is valued internationally and noted that it is worth it.

“I don’t know who sets the prices, but if someone paid that money for me it is because I am worth it, and if they want to continue paying more for me it is because I am worth it and I am doing things well to be worth it”, Indian.

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Similarly, he spoke about a possible signing with a renowned team and pointed out that he is already in a high-level team.

“I see a lot of people talking and saying that ‘it’s for a Top 6 team.’ Right now we are in fifth place and we do not ask anything of those teams. I say, outside Liverpool who are way above this season, I think we are fighting from you to you with everyone else “, sentenced.

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