Real success for the Afnor homemade mask making tutorial

Real success for the Afnor homemade mask making tutorial

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Real success for the Afnor homemade mask making tutorial

The tutorial has been downloaded almost 300,000 times since the end of March.

The protective mask could become an “accessory” in the coming months. Several tutorials for making your own at home are available on the internet. The French standardization association (Afnor) has posted several tutorials and patterns in this regard on its site and success is there: according to Olivier Peyrat, its director general interviewed by France Info, nearly 300,000 downloads were since March 27, the date on which these files were made available free of charge.

“We can speak of great success. To do this, we were inspired by best practices, we were inspired by tutorials on the Internet and with 150 experts we sought to do better”, explains Olivier Peyrat, adding that these recommendations want to be “as accessible as possible”. “There are recommendations on things to avoid, like sewing in the middle. It’s not good. There are lots of tutorials with seams in the middle, but our specifications do not. There are also maintenance recommendations because it must be maintained. It should be washed at 60 °, cotton setting ”, he advises on France Info.

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Regarding the fabric to be used, it is necessary to check “a filtration criterion and a breathability criterion”. “If it’s too filtering you may not be able to breathe. If it is very breathable it may be less effective for filtration ”, specifies the general manager of Afnor. A frequently asked question is available on the site and tests are currently being carried out “to have configurations, sandwiches, which allow to have results with everyday materials”. Until you know exactly which fabrics will be most effective, you can make the two models of masks offered on the Afnor website, namely the “duckbill” and the “three ply”.

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