Reform regulations will not come before 2023

Reform regulations will not come before 2023

Christian Horner would postpone the new regulations to 2023

Due to the Corona crisis, Formula 1 frozen the current cars for 2021 and postponed the new regulations by one year to 2022. However, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is calling for a further postponement of the new cars, which in his opinion should not come before 2023.

Because the current crisis hits Formula 1 teams hard. Without racing, they get no money, so some of them could get into serious trouble. High development costs to be competitive under the new regulations are currently the wrong thing – also in the coming year, says Horner.

“In my opinion, it would be totally unreasonable if we had the burden of high development costs in 2021,” says the Briton, according to the ‘BBC’. “There seems to be some agreement, but it needs ratification by the FIA ​​to shift development costs to 2022 to launch it in 2023.”