Reported the illegal seizure of their accounts to thousands of drivers during confinement

Reported the illegal seizure of their accounts to thousands of drivers during confinement

The legal loopholes of State of alarm for him COVID-19 They also arrive in the car and AEA denounces massive garnishments of accounts to drivers that could not be legal.

Thus, Associated European Motorists (AEA), warns that since March 14 they have been running illegally in Spain current account liens on thousands of motorists those who are being left defenseless and without resources in the midst of the crisis of coronavirus.

Thousands of drivers could be affected

According AEA, the alarm state implies that the Government suspended last March the procedural and administrative deadlines, and in the tax area, the deadlines for executing the collection of debts pending payment, including traffic fines.

However, despite the suspension, the AEA legal services have been able to verify how banks and savings banks have continued to practice thousands of embargoes in the midst of the coronavirus crisis to motorists who, despite having reduced the balance of their bank accounts, have not had the capacity to react.

“And this irregular banking performance, in addition to being illegal,” says AEA, “is leaving thousands of citizens defenseless and without resources, since they cannot verify to what the embargoes that are practiced correspond to them, nor can they formulate any type of recourse to avoid an action that, clearly, is absolutely illegal, given that the tax deadlines are suspended ”.

Suspension of time limits in the tax field

According to him Art. 33 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, of extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19 establishes that “the deadlines to meet the requirements, embargo proceedings and requests for information with tax significance, to formulate allegations in the event of opening acts of said procedure or hearing, issued in procedures for the application of taxes, sanctions or declaration of nullity, return of undue income, rectification of material errors and revocation, which have not concluded at the entry into force of this royal decree- law, will be extended until April 30, 2020. “

Seizures of accounts where pensions, unemployment benefits or family aid are entered

However, since last March 14 the bank is executing thousands of seizures of bank accounts before the expiration of this period, and even without the 20 days foreseen in the tax legislation having elapsed since an embargo has been carried out.

“Precisely this term was established in the tax legislation – AEA points out – with the purpose of which the citizens were not defenseless before arbitrary or erroneous actions of the Administration and they could verify, before the execution of an embargo, that the debt that is demanded of them was correct or, on the contrary, demand that the collection bodies stop it, either because it was a prescribed debt, not previously notified or, because the unattachable account balances were being seized when it comes to pensions, unemployment benefits or aid for families at risk of exclusion. ”


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