Rosa Diez gives Garzon’s brother the zasca of his life for criticizing Inditex

Rosa Díez gives Garzón's brother the zasca of his life for criticizing Inditex

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Eduardo Garzon and Rosa Diez

Eduardo Garzon, brother of the Minister of Consumer Affairs, has again attacked Inditex, the company of Amancio Ortega, which has been the subject of numerous criticisms by the left for its contributions to public health, which from Podemos have been branded systematically alms.

This time, the controversy has not been due to the millionaire contributions of Ortega that to a greater or lesser extent have helped to have essential sanitary material at this time, but because of the policy that the businessman is carrying out with respect to his employees.

And it is that, despite the fact that Inditex already warned in March that it intended to keep its workers, ruling out applying a ERTE, Waiter It has brought up the matter again after the company reiterated its short-term plans and guaranteed the April payrolls for its employees.

However, despite the fact that the textile giant’s stance is to keep its employees, Waiter He has also found reasons to lash out at Amancio ortega, assuring that “those of us who said that large companies like Inditex could afford to pay wages during the state of alarm were right.”

He has even gone one step further, criticizing that “it is what you have to earn crazy benefits and pay less taxes than you should”, referring to the mantra repeated ad nauseam by We can that insists that Inditex enjoys certain tax benefits.

However, the brother of the Minister of Consumer Affairs has found himself facing the former deputy Rosa Diez, who has launched a brutal message to leave the economist speechless.

“What Amancio Ortega has listened to you, very brother Garzon? Could it be that what you screwed .. is that he fulfills what he said from the first moment and that it bursts at you that we all see that a businessman behaves with decency and exemplary that you will never have? “, he sentenced.



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