Roy Keane urges players not to lower their wages

Roy Keane urges players not to lower their wages

As he explained to Sky Sports, Roy Keane believes that players playing in large European clubs should not lower their wages. The former Manchester United captain believes that the owners can themselves bear the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

Roy Keane

Like FC Barcelona, Juventus or from Roma, many clubs have found agreements with their players to lower their salaries in order to cope with the economic consequences linked to the coronavirus epidemic. Discussions are underway in other teams, such as in Lyon, Marseille and at PSG. The idea for these formations is to relieve their cash while waiting for a possible resumption of competitions in the coming weeks. But for some, such measures should not be taken.

“I would not accept to reduce my salary”

In an interview given this Friday at Sky Sports, Roy Keane thus invited the players evolving at European cadors not to accept these reductions in wages. “There is pressure on players who are in very large clubs, where there are wealthy owners, to lower their salaries. I would not accept to reduce my salary if I was in a large club “If you want to be generous, go ahead, do it. But the players should not feel pressured by the clubs, especially by the big clubs, to lower their wages,” said the former captain. Manchester United and the Irish selection.

Pushing players to sit on part of their remuneration, even for a few weeks, is “nonsense”. “They signed a contract with their club and it’s a personal matter. Don’t be swayed by media pressure. I’m talking about clubs with billionaire owners. They are billionaires and they talk to players about cash flow issues “quipped the ex-midfielder. In Premier League, Southampton and Watford are among the clubs that have officially announced a temporary cut in wages for their players.

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