Rubinstein criticized Alberto Fernandez for giving Gines a secondary role

Rubinstein criticized Alberto Fernández for giving Ginés a secondary role

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Former Secretary of Health Adolfo Rubinsteinquestioned President Alberto Fernandez for not having left the technical explanation of the extension of the quarantine to Gines Gonzalez Garcia.

“I would have left the technical report to the Minister of Health. Maybe the President what he has to have is a hopeful speech, a speech to set the political guidelines, empathy with the people, but the technical thing of presenting the figures would have left it to the Minister of Health, “he said. Rubinstein when interviewed in Eleven Ten.

Rubinstein questioned that Fernandez has given Gonzalez Garcia a secondary role. On the other hand, to be honest, I would have tried to set up a bigger table that included the Minister of Health. I think that was even symbolic. I don’t know what it means, but the Minister of Health was sitting not at the same table where the President and the other two officials (Santiago Cafiero and Wado De Pedro) were sitting ”, he explained in the Before and After program, which they lead Diego Sehinkman and Daniel Santa Cruz.

Rubinstein considered that “clearly we cannot get out of quarantine if we do not dramatically expand the tests”, but supported the President’s announcements: “The measures that were taken were correct.”

“I agree with the prolongation of social isolation and I also believe that we have managed to start flattening the curve. Beyond that we do not know the number of real cases, we do see that there is a change in the slope. At this time the growth is arithmetic and not geometric, and this clearly impacts on the responsiveness of the health system, “he said.



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