Saxony makes masks a must

Mask requirement for local transport and retail

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Saxony decides to wear a mask

Those who go shopping in Saxony from next week or who are traveling by bus and train must cover their mouths and noses. The Free State is pushing ahead nationwide with this rule – but assumes that others will follow suit soon.

Saxony has become the first federal state to require a mask for local public transport and retail. The regulation will apply from Monday, Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) said on Friday after a cabinet meeting in Dresden. The head of government emphasized that it did not have to be an expensive FFP2 mask to cover the nose and mouth, a simple cloth or scarf was also sufficient.

If you allow additional contacts from people in so many areas, a mask requirement is “the right answer,” says Kretschmer. From Monday, some restrictions to contain the corona pandemic should be relaxed in Saxony. For example, shops up to a sales area of ​​800 square meters are allowed to reopen, as are DIY and garden centers.

In return, according to the government, the purchase of in-mouth protection is mandatory for shopping in the store, as well as for the use of buses and trains. Kretschmer emphasized that it was a “reasonable instrument” for greater mobility. Such protection now exists in many different ways, you can sew or buy it yourself. “I think we are at a point where we can make it mandatory,” said the CDU politician.

Health Minister Petra KOpping (SPD) had campaigned in the cabinet for the introduction of such a mask requirement. She called on customers and shopkeepers to be creative. “If I were a shopkeeper, I would have a stand with towels on the edge,” says KOpping. The upcoming weekend, people could prepare for the new regulation. “To be prepared for Monday.” At the same time, the minister emphasized that compliance with the new rule to contain the corona pandemic could also be punished. She did not give details of possible fines.

The Minister of Health also assumes that other federal states will follow suit when it comes to the mask requirement for trade and local transport. “It is our way that we go and we do not make it dependent on other ways.” At the same time, the Ministry generally recommends wearing a mouth and nose cover in public spaces – especially when contacting high-risk individuals.

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