Scottie Pippen, the man who lived in Jordan’s shadow

Steve Kerr contradicted Michael Jordan and defended Scottie Pippen


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Scottie Pippen was the perfect hillside for Michael Jordan (NBA)

“When someone talks about Michael Jordan, they will also talk about Scottie Pippen”.

That phrase was said no more and no less than the historic number 23 of the Chicago Bulls. Because Jordan recognizes the value that Pippen had in his construction as the best of all time. Without your help, possibly the famous today The Last DanceThat last season that ended with the sixth title in their NBA career, would not have had the same outcome for the documentary series that has already become a worldwide success.

Pippen’s life was almost as amazing as a good script for a Hollywood movie. In the mid-1960s, while Martin Luther King was an emblem of the fight against growing racism in the United States, Scottie was the name that Ethel and Preston chose for one of their 12 children. In Hamburg, Arkansas, a rural area in the central west of the country, that young man had to face a stark childhood.

“One night, while we were having dinner, my dad collapsed in front of his plate of food”Scottie related in the first chapter of the documentary that has him as one of the protagonists of the last season of the famous Bulls. The same year that Pippen entered high school, his father suffered a stroke that left him bedridden for the rest of his days.. What’s more, several years before that pitiful fact, one of the brothers of the man who became an NBA figure had also suffered an accident in which he was left quadriplegic.


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