Seat stops the production of respirators due to the drop in positives for coronavirus

Seat stops the production of respirators due to the drop in positives for coronavirus


The automobile firm Seat has decided to stop “for now” the manufacture of emergency respirators at its plant in Martorell (Barcelona) due to the improvement in the situation in the ICU due to the drop in positive cases for coronavirus.

According to sources from the company to Europa Press, this decision comes in response to the fact that hospitals do not currently need more emergency ventilators, since the volume of positive cases by Covid-19 has been reduced.

“The company would resume the production of emergency respirators next week if it received new requests from hospitals,” said the sources, who noted that employees who have participated in this project will receive paid leave next week and will not be seen. affected by the ERTE, “in gratitude for their collaboration and solidarity”.

Seat began manufacturing these respirators in Martorell on April 3, after the device was authorized by the Spanish Medicines Agency. The firm had reached 100 units a day and the forecast was to reach 300 a day by the end of this week.

The automotive firm said at that time that the daily production volume will be constantly adjusted with the authorities according to demand, to avoid “unnecessary stocks”, but would work to reach a daily average of up to 300.

Production of the emergency respirator was carried out on the Seat Leon assembly line and has the engine adapted from a windscreen wiper. Each device has over 80 electronic and mechanical components and “goes through extensive quality control with UV sterilization.”


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