Seat will perform a test on the 3,000 workers who will join the Barcelona factory

Seat will perform a test on the 3,000 workers who will join the Barcelona factory

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The 3,000 Seat workers who are scheduled to return to the factory on April 27 will undergo a PCR test beforehand to rule out positives for coronaviruses and thus ensure that productive activity resumes with the maximum safety guarantees.

The chairman of the Seat company committee, Matías Carnero, explained to Efe that the company has accepted this morning the proposal of the UGT and CCOO, the two unions with the most presence, to carry out this test “to ensure the safety of workers ”

Thus, workers who have to go to work on April 27 will receive an SMS from the company with information on the tests that will be carried out between tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Martorell centers, El Prat de Llobregat and Zona Franca, in Barcelona, ​​depending on the residence of each employee.

In the event that the test comes out positive, the medical service will contact the worker to monitor and manage the withdrawal, and if it is negative, no information will be given.

Seat workers who are linked to a production line are required to pass the test since they are those who carry out their activity in areas with less space and separation between employees, while for the rest it will be voluntary.

The cost of carrying out the tests is borne by the company, which will call the entire staff to undergo these tests in parallel to the reactivation of the activity, which will be carried out in stages.

Management has also confirmed to unions today that the return to production will begin on April 27, one shift per line, which means that a third of activity will resume.

Carnero has valued the decision of Seat to carry out these preventive tests among the staff and has stressed that this is a practice that should be generalized in the productive field. “Hopefully they could be done everywhere,” he said.

Seat will resume the activity in three phases, which will start with a production of 33% and only part of the factory workforce, with protection measures such as daily masks for all personnel.

The contingency plan of the main car factory in Spain foresees that in a second phase it will reach 66% of normal production with two shifts and 640 cars per day, while in the third phase they will be active and three shifts.

According to the agreement, the entire staff will have daily masks to work and, in cases where it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters, workers will be given screens, FPP2 masks, disposable coveralls and protective glasses.

Among other measures, it will also be guaranteed that the entrances and exits are made through different doors, they will go up and down different stairs to avoid crossings and care will also be taken to keep the distance in the changing rooms, buses and the canteen.



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