Sebastien Larcier, favorite to become sports director in Angers

Sebastien Larcier, favorite to become sports director in Angers

Info RMC SPORT – After Rennes, who is debauchery of Florian Maurice in Lyon, another transfer of sports director is on the right track in Ligue 1.

Sebastien Larcier (on the left), with Olivier Delcourt, president of Dijon

The waltz of sports directors has not finished agitating French clubs. And everyone hopes to find their talent before the next transfer market opens. For several weeks, Angers SCO has been looking for Olivier Pickeu’s replacement. According to our information, Sebastien Larcier is considered the favorite. In Dijon for more than ten years, he climbed all the levels at the DFCO until becoming the head of the recruitment cell. A post cropped from a few prorogatives since the arrival, last summer, of Peguy Luyindula as strategic advisor.

Contacts “moving in the right direction”

In Angers, Sebastien Larcier would go up in rank by taking on the sporting direction of the club. A choice made internally in consultation between Saïd Chabane, the president, and Stephane Moulin, the coach.

If the contacts in Sebastien Larcier and Angers “are moving in the right direction” and that a settlement is possible in the coming days, the SCO has activated other tracks as well. The profile of Yoann Poulard (Deputy Sporting Director at Ajaccio) is appreciated.


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