Sergio Ramos collides with Thebes

Sergio Ramos collides with Thebes

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Sergio Ramos applauds the Bernabéu fans before starting the Clásico against Barcelona. (Efe)

Comment Sergio Ramos, in an Instagram live with the aim of continuing to raise funds for UNICEF and buy material for hospitals, which the heroes are the toilets. It may seem like a topic these days when there is already a de-escalation plan and Pedro Sánchez sets dates to return from training. When the captain of Real Madrid deflects focus in the work that doctors are doing is because, first, he wants to give them recognition, and second park football as something essential in our lives that seek to recover normality. Sergio Ramos puts himself in the shoes of the toilets in the countdown for the first attempt to return to football.

We are looking forward to resuming the League. In particular, the president of the employers. Javier Tebas seems ready to do anything to finish it. It is one of the most requested entertainment to cope with the months of June and July. The period marked to dispute the eleven league matchdays. But who is playing the role of footballers? Sergio Ramos does not make clear that the competition must be resumed. He only talks about the desire to play football again. What he does get wet is pointing out the toilets as the heroes that society needs in order to recover the new normality, to lower the numbers of infections and end the deceased (still above 300 daily). This is indeed a game that has to be played until the last minute of extra time with all the energy and encouragement for the health workers and respecting the opinions and decisions of the scientists.

It’s what you really have for sure the captain of Real Madrid when he talks about his desire to play football again, but ask for prudence. Do not fall into the haste of playing any of those eleven league games. He says it after know that in France the Government has suspended the championship and will not be played again until September. The risk is there for many tests that you want to pass to footballers. A risk of contagion and another of injuries. The veteran Real Madrid player, who knows the price that can be paid after a long period of inactivity, cannot forget this. fear or stress of your colleagues by profession.

“We must help our heroes, who are the restrooms. We’ve already struggled a lot, but this is not over. We do not forget the toilets or the people who have passed the disease or have lost loved ones ”, is the reflection that the sports authorities must collect or point out. Especially, Javier Thebes. The President of the League do you want to play all eleven games yes or yes. He has not been heard to speak about the health of the players or be sensitive to this group. Something that bothers the soccer team. A posture that collides with that of Sergio Ramos.

The captain of Real Madrid and the Selection is supporter of respect the times of the de-escalation with prudence and without precipitations. “It is not necessary to think that everything has already been achieved. The seriousness of the matter is still present and you have to comply with the rules to end the bug. Scientists must be given time to find a vaccine. We have a privileged position and we must put ourselves in the shoes of those who are working and send them a hug. We have to be united and we are going to get out of this. ” First the toilets and then the rest of society.

With football it’s easy to demagoguery and point out soccer players as privileged people who live in a bubble and are above the rest of the people. The behavior they are having is to put in the right place the importance of their profession in times of pandemic. Fali, a Cádiz player, did it when he said that he is capable of leaving football if he is forced to play without guarantees. He commented Gareth Bale with the concern that make them play whatever. More and more voices are appearing in the soccer players’ union asking that they be taken into account.

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