Severe disease outcomes in children could be related to Covid-19

Severe disease outcomes in children could be related to Covid-19

In the UK, several children were treated in hospital with a novel combination of symptoms. A connection with Covid-19 is suspected.

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In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) has warned doctors about a new phenomenon. Several children of all ages were therefore treated with a number of unusual symptoms in the hospital, as reported by the BBC among others. Many of them had been tested positive for the new corona virus, but not all.

Children’s symptoms are similar to those of Toxic Shock Syndrome and an atypical form of Kawasaki Syndrome, according to media reports. The latter is a rare condition that causes inflammation of the vessels throughout the body.

As the BBC reports, referring to the NHS, they are children “extremely sick”. Symptoms include fever, low blood pressure, rash and shortness of breath. Some children also have gastrointestinal complaints such as abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, some of the heart muscles were inflamed and they showed unusual blood values. According to experts, these are signs of exhaustion of the body that fights an infection.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock confirmed in an LBC interview the cases, saying he was “very concerned” about this novel disease. Stephen Powis, medical director for England at the National Health Service, added at a press conference on Monday that it was an “urgent matter” that needed to be investigated.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” speaks of at least twelve casesThe BBC reports less than 20. It is unclear whether children have died from these symptoms and whether the symptoms are really related to Covid-19. Health Minister Hancock said in an interview children had already been lost to Covid-19.

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Severe Covid 19 courses in children are still rare

Experience so far suggests that children comparatively rarely seriously contract Covid-19 and were rarely transmitters. The British Society for Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine (PICS) also emphasized in a statement referring to the NHS warning that it is still very rare for children to be treated in the intensive care unit for Covid 19 infections.

Other countries besides Great Britain report similar cases. As a BBC expert said, there are cases like this in Spain and Italy given. Spanish and Italian pediatricians have already issued warnings.

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