She shoots the Royals over Duchess Catherine

She shoots the Royals over Duchess Catherine

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Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine

Duchess Meghan feels abandoned by the palace. What Duchess Catherine has to do with it.

Duchess Meghan, 38, is said to be displeased with friends about the behavior of the von Prince Harry, 35, have expressed. Markle’s thesis: If Duchess Catherine, 38, would have been criticized by the press as they were, the Royals would have intervened and changed their media policy or avoided cooperation with the tabloids. The “Daily Mail” reports and relies on an insider.

Duchess Meghan is mad at the Royals

Given the harsh headlines about himself and Harry, Harry expected the palace to stand up for her, the informant says. Harry had his father Prince Charles, 71, and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, 93, “constantly” visited because Meghan had been bullied. But the queen and the Prince of Wales would have done nothing to protect them, even though they would have seen “how it was him [Harry] tore apart. “Meghan judged the disregard for Harry to be” annoying “.

Duchess Catherine would have received help from the palace, says Meghan

Especially the comparison to Kate seems to be busy with Meghan. “If Kate were criticized, no one would accept it,” the informant claims. “[Meghan sagte,] no one could have endured it, and the broken and outdated system would have been revised. The channels responsible for the malicious attacks would have been silenced. ”

But that was not the case and the consequence is known: Meghan and Harry stepped in as senior in January Royals back and did what they thought the palace should have done. In April, the Sussexes announced it would cease working with the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Express and The Sun newspapers. The reason they gave was “distorted, incorrect or invasive” reporting.

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