She shows us her papa!

She shows us her papa!

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Ekaterina Leonova

It is the most intimate declaration of love that a father can only wish for from his daughter. “Let’s dance“-Star Ekaterina Leonova (33) publicly congratulates her dad on Instagram with a long post on his 70th birthday. In addition to her soulful words, she also publishes a picture that reflects these words: father and daughter look beamingly at the camera, Ekaterina has lovingly put her arms around his neck.

Ekaterina Leonovapublishes congratulations for her father

The post begins with the words: “Happy Birthday to the best father in the world! 70!” Then you get the feeling that the “Let’s Dance” winner of the past three years doesn’t really know what to tell first in the exuberance of feelings.

There is no other person in this world that I can be as proud of as you, papa, “she continues, and then reports on his three university degrees, his academic achievements and, above all, what she owes to him Despite the constant time pressure, he did homework with her every night, taught her “discipline and love for learning.” He taught her what respect and justice mean.

“Now I also know: ‘The most important thing in life is the family'” writes Ekaterina and closes with the words: “Papa, I could talk about you forever, but no words can describe how much I love you. Thank you for everything and please stay healthy. ”

Ekaterina also has a wonderful relationship with her mother. In the following video you can enjoy the beautiful mother-daughter couple.

Ekaterina Leonova’s followers also congratulate

The followers of the beautiful Russian, which is currently paused on “Let’s Dance”, Are enchanted by so much love and the words that the 33-year-old finds for it, who had her birthday just two days ago (April 23). “Nothing beats the love between father and daughterhe. The first man to carry you on hands and the first man to be loved with all your heart, “writes one of the fans. And Papa himself can look forward to numerous birthday congratulations and congratulations from the followers: One man gets the sentence : “Wow, you have a really great dad! And he can be very proud of you. ”

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful and mega-successful Ekaterina, you will find some irresistible snapshots in the following video!