Shitstorm for Jurgen Klopp’s club

Shitstorm for Jürgen Klopp's club

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The Queen called on her subjects in a historical TV address to “feeling togetherness”, but Liverpool FC around “King” Jurgen Klopp ignored the warning words of Elisabeth II. With his surprising decision to take advantage of the government’s emergency program, the designated English champion triggered a storm of indignation. Club legend Didi Hamann tweeted that he was “amazed” by the news that the Reds had sent some employees on short-time work or forced vacation. The “Furlough” program was not created for this. “That contradicts the morale and values ​​of this club as I have got to know them.”

Jamie Carragher criticizes “poor” Liverpool FC

Hamann’s long-time teammate Jamie Carragher called the step “poor” and said: “Jurgen Klopp showed compassion for everyone at the beginning of this pandemic (…), now all this respect and benevolence is lost.” Ex-professional Stan Collymore found the decision “completely wrong” and emphasized: “I don’t know any Liverpool fan who is anything but disgusted.”

The said program is intended to guarantee workers in the event of short-time work or compulsory leave (furlough) 80 percent of their salary up to an amount of £ 2500 / month (€ 2824). The Fenway Sports Group, which has been owned by Liverpool since October 2010, aims to ensure that employees affected continue to receive their full salary. But she got a real shit storm.

Liverpool stewards

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Liverpool stewards

“The club calls its employees family. I don’t feel like a family member,” she said BBC an anonymous employee. He is “disappointed” by his club, which has millions in sales – and is misusing the program intended for smaller businesses. The fan organization “Spirit of Shankly” warned of populism, but asked for an explanation for this “spectacular own goal” (Liverpool Echo).

The Reds are already the fifth club to decide on this measure. Many fans, however, see the club motto “You’ll never walk alone” counteracted. They refer to the £ 42 million pre-tax profit in the recent balance sheet.

Premier League: do the players forego salary in the corona crisis?

The LFC has so far been considered a role model. Klopp warmed many hearts when he spoke of his tears at the willingness of many helpers to sacrifice. Captain Jordan Henderson is at the forefront of a Premier League star movement that organizes financial aid. Liverpool participated in several actions of this kind.

The debate about the waiver of millions of stars is becoming increasingly heated. The Premier League clubs have agreed to demand from their professionals a combination of cuts and deferrals of the salary by 30 percent for twelve months. But the Players Union (PFA) continues to be tough, pointing out that the state has lost over £ 200m in tax revenue. “What does this loss mean for the national healthcare system?” Asked the PFA.

In addition, it is “welcome” that the league wants to donate £ 20 million to charity. “But this sum could be much higher.” And as far as the players are concerned, a regulation on waiving salaries unfortunately needs “a little more time”.

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