Snow storm in Maine leads to traffic disruptions

Snow storm in Maine leads to traffic disruptions

Slippery roads and power outages: In the US state of Maine, winter weather has caused problems for the population. There is still no sign of improvement.

© Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Shortly before Easter, there was a onset of winter in the extreme northeast of the USA: On Thursday evening, a spring storm brought snow, rain and thunderstorms over large parts of the state of Maine.

The streets turned into slides in many places. The news portal “” reported that, according to the police, hundreds of car accidents had occurred. Important roads therefore had to be closed due to trucks standing sideways.

Across the state, more than 200,000 customers were temporarily out of power, according to utilities. In the morning, the US Weather Service warned of storms, which should bring heavy, wet snow and strong winds to the region and could lead to further blackouts.

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