Socialist ministers ask to stop churches after the latest “leaks” of Podemos

Socialist ministers ask to stop churches after the latest

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The PSOE-Podemos coalition is experiencing a situation of constant seismic tremor. They are shakes of small intensity, linked to the media projection of the two parties, which Pedro Sanchez he tries to resolve with the neutrality of one who, after all, knows that he has more enemies in his own party than in the allied force. The last episode of that conflict has been the announcement of the minimum vital income: Pablo Iglesias He threw it twice and Sanchez had to calm the waters. The socialist ministers pressure him so that the star measures of the Executive are not associated with the work of Podemos.

In the PSOE they are not willing to take all the most unpopular measures and leave the most profitable prize to the purple ones. Socialist sources claim that “Various ministers” they have complained to Sanchez. Those government sources point to the chief of cabinet of Churches, Juanma del Olmo, as one of the inspirers of the purple tactic and the most active in “filtering” in an “interested” way to the press approaches that “are contrary to reality”.

“There is tension and a lot of internal criticism” admit from the socialist ranks. “Every time Pedro speaks [Sánchez], they filter that the only ones who do something are those of Podemos ”, they accuse from the socialist ranks. In the purple party some admit: “The PSOE is not stupid, they do not want Podemos to claim the good and leave the bad news for them.”

At the moment nobody talks about resignations, at least officially, but it creates confusion the position of Ivan Redondo and the feeling that Sanchez does not always stop the maneuvers of Podemos. The relationship between Redondo and Iglesias is close.

Garzon and the minimum income

The unrest in the socialist ranks grew after the last declarations of Alberto Garzon. The Minister of Consumer Affairs said in an interview on RNE on April 7 that the Executive should admit his “mistakes” in the management of the coronavirus. Those words sat very badly on the socialist front, because they came the day after Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Interior Minister, had stated in The mail that “this Government has no reason to regret anything.”

The most uncomfortable sector moves around Carmen Calvo, considered one of the most reluctant to give visibility to Podemos and that is in the background these days. But it goes further. Calvo manages many threads in the Executive and with it other socialist ministers tire of the attitude of the purple ones.

The last one to get uncomfortable has been Jose Luis Escriva, Minister of Social Security. Although the official version maintains that the relationship between him and Iglesias is good, it is reasonable to conclude that the movements of the Podemos leader did not like a technician accustomed more to management than to propaganda.

Escriva and its technicians are working on the universal minimum income of between 400 and 500 euros, which they want to guarantee to people suffering from higher poverty rates. But they admit that fringes to close: especially the autonomic fit of the measure.

AIReF foresees a collection of 3,500 million less than budgeted

© Provided by Vozpopuli
AIReF foresees a collection of 3,500 million less than budgeted

Capitalize aid and subsidies

When Iglesias released his first temporary minimum income ad, Escriva knew nothing of that approach. He had to stop it, warning that it was not viable in the expected times. The Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, affirmed that there were “months” to approve it. Six days later Escriva was again forced to limit the ambitions of churches, after the leak, which the PSOE blamed Podemos, that last Thursday the launch of the universal minimum income was announced.

Finally, the Executive sent a brief message confirming that there will be no universal “bridge” incomealthough he picked up the promise of may, As Iglesias had anticipated. Executive spokeswoman Montero, who is part of the front least inclined to promote Podemos, had to back down.

Escriva’s comment, in any case, sounded like a full-door slam. In fact, the expected press conference was not held and the Government held yesterday afternoon a meeting with social partners (employers and unions) attended by all the vice presidents except Churches.

Leave the unpopular measures to the PSOE

The Podemos leader knows that Inigo Errejon He has proposed an immediate minimum income in Congress and wants to avoid criticism from the left. He announced to his cabinet that it was necessary to push by land, sea and air, aligning his tactics with a very specific social discourse on the primary needs of people. Food and roof, the two axes with which the Podemos leaders have always thought to seduce the electorate.

Iglesias’ strategy is simple: leave the burden of the toughest measures to the PSOE, to capitalize aid and other subsidies. In the first few weeks he succeeded. The situation was “overwhelmed” and the socialists preferred “not to waste time”. But now a certain order has returned and they are no longer willing to budge.

In fact, this Thursday, after backing down on the temporary minimum income, the vice president has sought the pipe of peace: “This is not a victory for the coalition government, nor for United We Can; It is a victory for all the groups that for many years have worked through thick and thin to put on the table the need for a minimum income. ”

Measure steps

Iglesias cannot tighten the rope. De Sanchez doesn’t trust him. “It is unfair, everyone knows it”, the members of the purple party repeat in their messages. So Podemos’ priority is to scratch as much visibility as possible, but without irritating the President. Another thing is the battle at intermediate levelsIn this field, the leaders of Podemos move following the pattern applied in their own party for years.

After some defeats, such as that of rents and the prohibition against dismissal (actually an increase in costs), in Podemos they consider that the next months will be fundamental. The third quarter, especially, with the economic evolution during the summer season, as this newspaper reported.

TO Salvador Illa, Minister of Health, the delays of the first phase of the health struggle will be blamed, but the Executive will risk its future economically. The ministers linked to the EREs will suffer (that of Labor may be splattered), but universal vital income will be a medal. Iglesias wants to be on that second board. That income is in its propaganda target and it will not let it escape.



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