Son Iggi has a crush – that’s what his mother says about his first love

Son Iggi has a crush - that's what his mother says about his first love

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Patricia Helly: son Iggi totally in love – that’s what his mother says about his first love

First love is always something very special. Iggi Kelly (17), the son of Patricia Kelly (50), is now experiencing this. He has a crush on him for the first time and talks about it in an interview with RTL. He says of his girlfriend Eske (16): “Apart from the beauty that Eske is, I love that you can have a lot of fun with her.”

As a member of the Kellys, Patricia was in the spotlight early on. In the following video you can see a picture of her wedding, when she was wearing strict bun and a simple dress.

Eske about Iggi Kelly: “His eyes are so beautiful”

Iggi, who is actually called Ignatius, shares a lot in common with his loved one: “We play table tennis outside, laugh, we bake cakes together, (…) we sing, we make music together.” The two have been happy with each other for almost a year. Eske, who has long brown hair, is also very taken with her boyfriend, as she reveals in the interview: “He is really totally crazy and often jokes. His eyes are totally beautiful, he is always there for me. And me really feel very safe with him nearby. “

First kiss from Iggi Kelly and Eske in the cinema

The two lovebirds met at a talent show, where he was a reporter and she was a participant. The initiative came from him. Eske says: “Actually, he took the first step because he wrote to me.” He says: “We met several times and then at some point, I suggested that we could go to the cinema.” And then they got closer, Eske says: “When we were in the cinema and he suddenly kissed me, I wanted that too, it was completely overwhelming.

Iggi’s mother Patricia is also very excited about his new girlfriend. Patricia says: “Eske has a beautiful voice, but more importantly: a beautiful being. She is really a great person. We love her and she has become part of our family.”

Iggi’s brother Alex (18) also looks pretty chic and he’s already a real Instagram model, as you can see in the following video.